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Evil Thoughts


8 December 1969
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WARNING: I curse, talk graphically about sex, am offensive to right wingers & religious people, and while I am very good at both spelling & grammar in general, I type a lot late at night & very badly & don't bother to proofread. COPE or go home. If you're under 18...you probably should go away.

My name is James Glendinning. I am a serious art photographer, having exhibited & won awards in regional shows for the last 10 years, based out of Orlando Florida. I have an LJ for my photo work, slephoto.
More details on my work can be found at my website, SilverLight Esoterica Photography (galleries are marginal at the moment). I also have online portfolios with more images on the following sites: SLEPhoto at OneModelPlace, SLE Photo at ModelMayhem.com, SLE Photo at ModelPlace.com, and SLE Photo at Flickr (the Flickr page contains more non-model art/nature oriented images). You can also find me on MySpace
This blog contains FAR more about my personal life than you need to know if you're interested in working with me, the real James & the working James aren't quite the same guy. The links above will give you a better sense of the "professional photographer" James.

I sell wine for a living, struggle to be successful with my photography, and write erotica for kicks. I'm starting to combine my "day job" with my photos, with hopefully a couple of regional & national ad campaigns of MY design coming for some wineries & liquor producers!
More on the erotica here: My Literotica.com submissions page If you visit my stories & poems, VOTE on them!

More: I am a poly guy living in Central Fl. For the zodiac types out there I am THE prototypical Sag with Aquarius rising. For the more scientific types, I'm an ENTP
A few of the ladies who I'm lucky enough to have share part of their lives with me are mladypain, who's loved me in person longest and been a great positive influence on my life, velvety_touch being my longest running friend and one of my 4 very long distance partners who's been there for me longer than almost anyone else who's around me, bulletslc being another of my long distance lovers as well as being my evil twin (I am the evil-er twin, neither of us is good, we're just good at it), and recently imortalbelovd has become a welcome addition to my life...I am awful damn busy but that's not a complaint. I know exactly how blessed I am to have all of them as a part of my life & I just wish I had more time for them all! While not a 24/7, I am a full time fetishist/BDSM enthusiast I don't just play one on LJ. Last warning about the type of conversation you might encounter here.

ehhhh, still PERPETUALLY working on this & on my Interests list
more to come.

Some Blinkies I swiped from strangenymph
*The blinkie source is down, I have them all saved & will re-post soon.

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

Need help with your latitude & longitude? Let me know!

More to come soon
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