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Newsweek on polyamory

Newsweek published a very favorable look at poly. There's some good stuff on how we're being used as a boogeyman in the gay marriage debate, info on a study showing that kids aren't harmed by poly, and more.

They also stress it's going to be more & more mainstream. Let's hope!

Only You. And You. And You. Polyamory—relationships with multiple, mutually consenting partners—has a coming-out party.

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Cats use mind control on humans (real science, not humor)

Not that it's any shock, but researchers have proved cats use a form of Pavlovian conditioning as mind control to get us humans to do their bidding:
Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds
(also here: )

And the survey shows people to be overwhelmingly not surprised.

McComb got the idea for the study from her experience with her own cat, who would consistently wake her up in the mornings with a very insistent purr. After speaking with other cat owners, she learned that some of their cats also made the same type of call. As a scientist who studies vocal communication in mammals, she decided to investigate the manipulative meow.

It's also noted that the "control purr" is only used in "socialized" cats who have regular human slaves companions, the cats rarely will use them around others.

Got to go, someone's meowing at the door.

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Tidbits of outrage

Continuing with the "outrage" theme, did y'all hear about the "Fox & Friends" host saying that studies showing men who're married have fewer incidences of Alzheimer's in Scandinavia isn't relevant to the US because they have "pure bloodlines" and here we mix races, ethnics [sic], and SPECIES??
Apparently the Italians & Irish are particularly evil:
Kilmeade proceeded to tell his national television audience, "In America, we marry everybody. Some will marry Italians, the Irish...."
I guess "Fox Fatigue" is keeping the outcry down?

On a more amusing note, that loud gnashing & wailing sound you heard was Bill Gates. Google's announced they're rolling out Chrome as an OS.
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3 separate outrages

In descending levels of outrage.

For those who aren't aware, almost 2 weeks ago on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots the Ft. Worth police & state beverage agents staged a series of raids on gay bars. Several arrests were made at 2 prior locations, and then the they hit the Rainbow Lounge.
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Speaking of ignorant redneck jackasses making their states look bad...
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Last But not least, as a geek & fanboy & convention goer I was sad to see filkertom link to this post (with its nested article link).
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Oh, and speaking of fandoms, Renee's posted more REPO! pr0n over at wrongfromgo, go read it & say nice things so she'll write more!
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21st Century Cure

So, my sweetie reneeblaine has been visiting for the last week. A few days ago we visited imortalbelovd and were able to watch "REPO! The Genetic Opera." Renee fell quite in love with it and we've been talking about it and listening to the music incessantly.

Renee's a fantastic writer but she's been suffering thru some writer's block. Yesterday she started talking about a REPO! fanfic and I basically badgered & bullied her in to actually COMPLETING it. She's set up a new LJ for it & future pieces (she's seen a whole series) here: wrongfromgo.

And you can see the first fic here: 21st Century Cure. If you're a REPO! fan you might like it. It's Shilo/Graverobber and VERY 18+.

Oh, and I'm still alive. ;-)
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Wow, that was a long gap

I looked at my previous entry & realized I hadn't posted for 2 full months. Life's been a mess, sorry.

I'm still alive, if anyone wondered. I'll try & keep up more. I noticed last night I need to go back thru my LJ history & clean it up, too.

Always more to do.
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"28 Days Later" zombies aren't... proof from SCIENCE

So, proving that EVERYONE needs a hobby, a Harvard psychiatrist figured out he could write off all the $$$ he spends on zombie books, movies, action figures, and the like if he "studied" zombies.

One offshoot of this is an article on the neurobiology of zombies. One of the interesting points is his demonstration that the "Rage" victims in the "28 Days Later" universe are NOT zombies.
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The article's info on "mirror neurons" and their role in human empathy's quite interesting also.

I also discovered while researching some things mentioned in the article that there's a Wiki for zombies, I signed up as an editor. :D
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Help fight anti gay bigots, please.

As some of you may be aware, well known "conservative," columnist, and hard-core bigot Maggie Gallagher runs an organization known as "NOM." Contrary to the name, "NOM" is not for kittehs eating cheezburgers but in fact stands for "National Organization for Marriage." Their campaign uses many of the traditional stupid arguments to "fight" gay marriage. With the victories for gay marriage in Iowa and Vermont in recent weeks the NOM people decided they needed to "step it up" a notch and launch a NEW branded campaign to "save" marriage.

However, in a STUNNING show of ignorance the NOM folks decided to name their campaign "Two Million For Marriage" and IN THEIR OWN BRANDING call it "2M4M." Yes, that's right, they named their anti-gay initiative with the acronym for "2 men for male," a personal ad code for a gay couple seeking a third for threesomes. This's invited a bunch of scorn in the media, alongside what's being directed at other conservatives for calling their "anti taxes" groups "teabaggers," again missing out on the sexual context.

More to the point, and this is how YOU can help, they COMPLETELY failed to snatch up ANY of the internet real-estate related to the name!!!! So cambler bought and set it up as an ANTI-NOM site with education and facts to counter NOM's bigotry & fearmongering. A friend of his set up an LJ com for it, 2m4m, and Chris put it on Twitter A person or persons unknown also set up a blogspot for it: with some content from the 2M4M site.

This is where YOU GUYS come in... help us spread the word! We need to socialize so when people search for it they find IT instead of NOM's bigotry. So please visit, DIGG it, Delicious it, blog about it, link to it, pass it on to your friends, follow it on Twitter (it already has more followers than the official NOM Tweet), make it the defining destination. Right now Googling 2M4M brings up this site and not NOM's, and we'd like to keep it that way. Please help?
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Big shock, I'm a horny pervert

I found this via imortalbelovd. We got the same overall score LOL.
I did the test on OkCupid, it can be taken elsewhere too.

Your result for The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test...

Blue (450 nm)

Wow! You have quite a big repertoire when it comes to kinky sex. And you're probably also willing to play on either side of the fence. You should look for another Blue, or an Ultraviolet if you want to broaden your horizon. Greens may be okay as well but will probably bore you after a while. Reds are too vanilla for you.

But I promised you a more detailed analysis, so here it is. Note that most scales are twofold: There are separate values for giving (active) and receiving (passive). If you scored high on one of them, you should look for a partner who scored high on the other. If you scored high on both of them, go for someone who is similar (or for multiple partners if you're into that). If you scored low on both, this probably is not your kind of kink.

You scored 68% giving and 62% receiving on oral.

You scored 89% giving and 50% receiving on anal.

You scored 85% giving and 0% receiving on bondage.

You scored 67% giving and 5% receiving on humiliation.

You scored 72% giving and 5% receiving on pain.

You scored 76% dominance and 10% submission.

You scored 75% voyeurism and 69% exhibitionism.

Besides that, you're 50% into fetishism and 76% polysexual (i.e. interested in sex with multiple partners, whether at the same time or not). You'll probably want a partner who is similar, whether you scored high or low in these categories.

Finally, you scored 28% on autoerotic - a scale that measures your ability and/or willingness to have kinky fun without a partner. It's not exactly a matching criterion, but it's good for you if your score is high. Keep it up!

Take The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test
at HelloQuizzy

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Be my minions! Battle in the arena!

So, cambler introduced me to a fun new past time, BRUTE FIGHTS!!!!!

So come battle my Brute, become my pupil, and become a great brute fighter!

All you do is click the link, create your brute, battle me, then move on to the arena. As you win fights you go up in levels. Recruit your own minions for extra experience.

It's FUN! Try it!
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