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HuffPo users, please help me call out a supporter of abuse against women

I don't post here much any more, I mainly use LJ to keep up with others, but I felt this was important enough to warrant a widespread boost.  Tumblr users, you can also find this HERE.

SERIOUS TRIGGER WARNING.  Some of the commentary I am quoting here is really awful.

If you're a HuffPo user, please help me call out a supporter of abuse against women.  I hate to break the "not your personal army" code, but in this case I feel it's warranted. I'm active on Huffington Post as a commenter, and I got in to it yesterday with someone who was trashing Savannah Dietrich, the girl who's been in the news for using social media to "out" the guys who sexually assaulted her & filmed it while she was passed out at a party.

This guy, amnholly, replied to something I said to another person (I inadvertently said Ms. Dietrich was drugged rather than drunk) and proceeded to try & turn the conversation in to a screed about how what the guys did wasn't so bad & how she brought it on herself.  I checked his comment history and almost ALL his time is spent defending rape & sexual abuse, shaming & blaming women, and encouraging the worst kind of sexism (as in his defense of the new Axe "living boobs" ad).

While I have issues with some of the extreme applications of the concepts of "male privilege" and "rape culture," this guy is vile & epitomizes the worst of both.  If you're on HuffPo, I would ask that you take part in calling out his idiocy & hatefulness.  I am NOT asking people to report him for hate speech & get him banned (I know some of you are going to immediately go "OMG YOU'RE TRYING TO DENY HIM FREE SPEECH!"), I am asking for those who're willing to help track his comments & stand up to his lies and abuse and answer them with facts.

Here're excerpts from some of his posts:
"All I have been pointing out the entire time is that this girl's choices had a direct relation to the result. End of story. And in response to your final question, yeah. I wouldn't phrase it as "my fault" but losing my situational awareness, losing control of myself & the situation would be 100% on me in that instance."

"She chose to get drunk & lose control of herself. This right here displays excellently the mentality this society has regarding women, that they cannot possibly be responsible for anything, that they are perpetual victims, helpless & unaccountable. This is wrong & has to change."

"This incident has nothing to do whatsoever with Akin, sexual assault does NOT equal rape, and she was not able to give consent due to HER OWN actions. The fact that something like 90% of rapes/sexual assaults in the US occur with someone whom the victim knows says something very telling about the behavior of women in this country. If it was the inverse, that 90% of cases were guys jumping out of the bushes wearing ski masks & raping, then yes, the majority of blame could be placed on men. The fact is that if she hadn't drunk herself stupid, none of this would've happened. She is partly responsible.”

Tags: anti-feminism, antifeminisim, feminism, feminist, misogyny, rape, rape culture, savannah dietrich, sexual abuse, sexual assault, shaming, victim blaming, victim shaming
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