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Boy, the world is small

I know I don't post here much, but this seemed an apt place to note how small the world is.

I've been speaking for some months to a really sweet fetish model who lives in LA. She was planning a trip this way & we were going to get together & shoot. Unfortunately schedule changes kept that from happening, but we wanted to hang out anyway so she invited me to a BBQ friends here (she's originally from this area) were throwing. After some issues about travel I managed to made my way there & found a delightful group of folks. Turns out they were mostly geeks, con-goers, BDSM-active, and poly-involved. The lady who'd invited me ended up being distracted with an old friend for much of the evening, but I got along well with the rest of the crowd & think I've made a few new friends, including a cooking buddy. I may've even found someone to work at Insider House. Overall I had a great time.

So last night (aka 4 AM) when I got home I pulled up the Facebook event page for the BBQ. I'd previously accessed it from my business page & hadn't read all the back posts or the guest lists because I assumed (always a stupid idea) that I wouldn't know anyone there. I logged in from my personal FB page to say "hello" and look for folks to keep in touch with them. Imagine my surprise to see that old friend & poly activist Anita Wagner is friends with the whole crew & was an invited guest! Sadly (as I haven't seen Anita in ages) she wasn't able to come but it was amusing to note the "less than Kevin Bacon" vibe that seems to run thru the poly & leather communities. You're NEVER far from someone you know.

Of course I know Anita lives up here & she's invited me to a few events & suggested some things to me, and I've been planning to attend but my current lack of transport/mobility/funds has prohibited it. That made it doubly amusing that on going out thru a completely random business contract I ended up spending the evening with some of the folks she'd have introduced me to anyway. The circle of poly life, I guess!

Humor from the night:
We were playing drunken Mad-Libs. Turns out that one of the pages was "Awful pickup lines," and we unwittingly created what has to be the BEST bad pickup line EVER:
"Your love tunnel must be real tired, 'cause you've been HIV transmitting through my doo doo butter ALL night long!"
Tags: anita wagner, baltimore, barbecue, bbq, bdsm, leather, leather community, poly, poly community, polyamory
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