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Please help a lifestyler in trouble

*EDIT:  This has been edited at her request to her initials, her ex is apparently doing searches on her name looking for dirt.  This's a very well known redheaded fetish model, not a Florida or Georgia gal.  If you know her you can guess who I mean, if not & you want to know PM me.

Folks, normally I wouldn't publish one of these "internet appeals," but this one was sent directly to me from the lady in question & she's a good friend of mine so I know it's legit.

Some of you may know the fabulous WH, one of my favorite fetish models, lifestyle kinkster, and an all around sweetheart. I JUST received this heartbreaking message from her, she's experiencing one of the nightmares many nude & fetish models (not to mention lifestyle kinksters) share.

My Ex is on a witch hunt. He is trying to take my childen from me based on the fact that I shot fetish content in my home when the children were with him on his weeks of custodial care. I have retained a lawyer and shut down about 90% of my revenue-deriving operations plus most of my online profiles and I am desparate, DESPARATE, to keep my children (we currently have joint/shared custody, 50/50 right down the middle). If you can spread the word about this, that would be great. I am beyond myself with grief. I have contacted the NCSF and heard nothing. I got a call from jay Wiseman and he's trying to set up a fundraiser, perhaps? I have no revenue coming in and I need to mount a strong legal defense.

I have her number & have verified this is for real. She's sent me a PayPal address for donations, I will share it with interested parties. If you know Wednesday & want to speak to her directly, please let me know & I will have her get in touch with you if you don't already have first hand contact info.

This absolutely SUCKS, she's a super person & she loves her kids. It's despicable that her ex is trying to take them away over her work. Unfortunately, as I said, it's a concern many nude/alt/fetish models & lifestylers I know can relate to all too well. I was looking forward to working with her at FetCon this year, now I'm just hoping to help make sure her FAMILY is together then. Please help if you can.

I am blogging & tweeting this in several places, if you know the lady in question & know more of the people she's worked with please feel free to pass along the info. The more people who know & might be able to help, the better.

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