October 26th, 2009

really evil grin

Terror at the bank!

No, it's not a horror movie, but it was terrifying. So yesterday I log in to online banking to make a payment from my checking account to my credit card. The screen pops up & my credit card account is GONE. Poof. Not there.

I assume at first it's a computer error, and I re-load everything. No result. So I click around a little bit, figuring maybe they redid the interface again. Nope!

Now I'm a LITTLE worried, so I call card services to ask "WTF??" Their voice call thingie makes me repeat my number like 84 times then says "We're having systems difficulties, please wait."

After a nice long hold, I get a human. She explains to me that one of their vendors was hacked & a couple hundred thousand CC #'s, mine included, were ripped off. So the bank, with NO notification, had canceled everyone's cards & was sending a new one out. Since the card # wasn't valid, it was off my online banking list but it'd reappear as soon as I activated the new card.

I was rather surprised by this & asked why I hadn't heard anything about it. They replied that this's happening SO often they can't notify people every time & the press doesn't bother with it any more!!! I was told to go to a local branch today & have them pull up my account so I could make the payment there. When I went to the branch & explained what was going on, they pulled up my account & saw the flag but said THEY didn't even know about it.

Pretty damn scary to have my card "disappear" like that, even SCARIER to hear that stuff's being stolen so often they don't even notify people or report it any more.

In other news, I haven't seen mladypain in ages, and we've had no alone time in like 2 months. I was looking forward to spending today with her & getting to snuggle tonight, until last night when my wayward Father called me to say "I'm halfway to where you live, I'll be there tomorrow!"

I'm glad he's been making an effort to be part of my life & act like a decent human being & make up for all the years of not being around or being decent, but DAMN I wish he'd get over this habit of showing up unannounced.